You want to open a crypto exchange account. After some googles, you notice that Binance is pretty good (In fact, Binance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world by trading volume), and wonder if you should just buy-and-hold bitcoin.

Well.. crypto-currency, in 2021, has many more to offer than just buy-and-hold. In fact, there are many risk-free investments that you can participate on decentralized finance just by holding your coins. The problem is, there are many ways to go wrong as well, especially for a beginner. The most common one is that you could send your ERC Token (e.g…

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Recently I have been trying to search for guide on installing Netflix app in Raspberry Pi with very little success mainly due to outdated software version or expired file signature from other existing tutorials. Therefore I would like to compile this consolidated guide not only to cover the step to install Netflix on your Raspberry Pi, but also how to debug it when certain error occurs. So this guide could be reference in the future.

I might not cover all the prerequisite but please leave a note in the comment below if you need any help.

Here is the table…

When I was a statistics rookie and tried to learn Bayesian Statistics, I often found it extremely confusing to start as most of the online content usually started with a Bayes formula, then directly jump to R/Python Implementation of Bayesian Inference, without giving much intuition about how we go from Bayes’Theorem to probabilistic inference. Therefore I hope this article could really fill in the gap we had between the simple formula to a whole different level of Bayesian study, with as little math as possible. Specifically, I want to touch base on

  • Intuition behind a classic Bayes formula example, and…

This series is mainly about setting up your Raspberry Pi with a Jupyter Notebook server that you can access anywhere with open internet. And we are at the final chapter.

In the previous sessions, we have covered how to set up port forwarding or a cloud proxy server in order for you to connect to Raspberry Pi via SSH securely. And in my first article, I have also covered how TCP/IP handles different incoming traffic. Now that we know how to open up our Pi and access it via SSH, we could actually replicate the same idea. In a simple…

This is a continuation of my series on setting up Raspberry Pi to be a remote jupyter notebook code editor. In the last chapter Raspberry Pi was set up and could be accessed by SSH remotely. But I mentioned that using port forwarding on your home router to access your Pi is extremely dangerous. On raspberry Pi official documentation, it stated that rather than using port forwarding on your local router, there are a number of third-party online port forwarding services available, but without any detail on how to implement it. …

This is a continuation of my series on setting up Raspberry Pi to be a remote jupyter notebook code editor. In the last chapter Raspberry Pi was set up and could be accessed by SSH at your home network. In this chapter I will guide you how to set up port forwarding and access the Pi remotely from the internet, so you could write command under CLI just like at home.

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Left: SSH via home wifi // Right: SSH via open internet

First time Pi user and first time reader? Check out the first part here.

But once your Pi is accessible from the internet, you need to be 100x cautious…

This series aim to walk through difficult network concepts / terms by setting up a linux server with Raspberry Pi that could be accessed anywhere from the internet. As many might warn you that Raspberry Pi is not a powerful computer and you should simply go for an Amazon server, I felt that learning how to set up a server and knowing how things work are the essential parts here.

This tutorial is marked dummy as I expect you to know nothing, and want to start learning computer and network from stratch.

I will try my best to not rush…


Make great things with raspberry pi.

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